Monday, 1 September 2014

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Promo

I am excited more than ever for season 4 after this promo! Now that we're in the same month that it'll air, it's about time we get something other than story info, set photos or new character announcements! The effects, while still obvious, look pretty good & I loved seeing the characters in their fairy tale attire (other than Emma obviously, clad in her iconic red jacket & curled blonde hair). I even enjoyed Regina & Emma snarking about Elsa & the fact they're gonna have to fight yet another fairy tale character causing havoc in Storybrooke. Yes, I am disappointed Belle & Henry weren't in it, but I still thought it was a really good promo nonetheless & like I said, I can't wait for season 4 to come!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Lady of the Lake

I know, I already put it on the worst list in my Top 5 Best & Worst OUAT S2 Episodes list, but I may as well explain why! It was mostly because of the pointless & boring Snowing flashbacks (which would unfortunately become a thing after this for them), the dull writing & acting, wasting a good character (Lancelot in this one) with lots of potential by killing him off after one episode (which would also become somewhat of a running gag in season 2) & the plot holes with the barren curse which was also entirely unecessary as we knew Snow would have Emma ever since the Pilot! I mean, since it was a curse, it could've been saved with True Love's Kiss which breaks ANY curse rather than having Ruth sacrifice herself so Snow could have children again! I get that it relates to the themes of the love of a mother & parallels with Mary Margaret & Emma, but the flashbacks should also have a point to them & progress the plot, & these ones don't! Anyway, the CGI is also a noticeable downgrade with the obviously fake ogre along with the bad green screen of the castle & overall, I just don't really care about this episode. There are a few good things like the scene with Emma & Mary Margaret at the nursery was well done with the acting from Jennifer & Ginnifer & the private & intimate wedding between Snow & Charming was also cute!
OK...pretty cool fight scene! 
So Lancelot is now disgraced from the Round Table...
Seriously Emma?! Could you be any stupider mentioning Henry to Regina's mother?!
Aww! Nice to see them reunite! 
Haha! Love Emma's reaction to the food in the Enchanted Forest!
Nice to see you again King George...
'You poisoned her.' 'I cursed her!' Thank you Captain Obvious!
Love Mulan's reaction to a gun!
Hi again Jefferson! And Henry, stop butting in on situations which have nothing to do with you!
Wanna say this is Regina's only scene in this & her being asked to leave is never mentioned again!
Oh God... 
Bit crazy Aurora!
Haha! 'Ogres...?' 'RUN!!!'
Could that look any more fake?!
So Lancelot was disgraced because of a woman...I wanna see that if OUAT ever go to Camelot!
Haha! 'What kind of corset is this?'
Kinda sad that the curse damaged the castle that much!
Looks like that was the consequence for Charming killing the Siren!
Henry, stop being stupid & putting your life at risk! 
OK, I will say that this bit is well done!

Aww! Sweet wedding!
Poor Charming losing is mother. :'(
At least Mary Margaret is smart enough to figure out that he's really Cora!
I'm sorry, but I can't stand the bad green screen here!
Haha! 'We're going to have a child!' 'Is there something I need to know?'
AWW! 'I'm not used to someone putting me first.' 'Well get used to it!'
Aww! Can't help but feel sorry for Mary Margaret!
I wonder what she's planning on doing with that sparkly dust...
AWW! So sweet to see them finally reunite!
Aww! Nice to see them bonding!
I wonder what he's planning...

We Are Both

Since I didn't really do a proper review when this first aired, I thought I may as well do one along with 2x03! What I liked about this episode was the origins of the odd frenemy-ship between Regina & Rumple, starting off as a student/teacher relationship (not that kind of relationship) before they became enemies yet joined forces in some situations...anyway I liked seeing more of Lana Parrilla as Young Regina as she becomes conflicted with being good for her mother & marrying King Leopold or rebelling against her by using magic. I loved Rumple & his new voice, with the same charisma I enjoy him for as well as some pretty funny moments. Same goes for Gold with his funny snarks towards everyone as he's clearly interested in some other goal he's hiding from everyone & doesn't care about anyone else's problems. Henry annoyed me a lot, again, like always, but I'll give him credit when he talks to Regina about the fact that everyone would fear them & he'd be alone if he stayed with her. At least Regina takes a step to redeeming herself by letting him go with David. Anyway, I liked David's speech at the end partly because he made fun of himself in season 1 being a huge douchebag, & convincing the others to stay & combine their past memories with their new ones as both. I was a bit bothered Emma & Mary Margaret didn't have as much screen time, but clearly they'll be the focus of the next episode & this one was a segway into it with the ending. And also, I liked seeing Jefferson return despite his limited screen time & I really wish he appeared in more episodes than he did overall! Anyway, still enjoyed this episode as I like seeing more of the Storybrooke residents & the flashbacks were enjoyable with Cora being the second season's villain.
OK...what's going on?
Woah, looks like the Wraith caused a lot more damage than expected!

Looks like August is alive despite being wood...
Nice to see you again Cora...
HAHA! 'Are the nuns still nuns? Or can they, you know, date? Don’t say it’s me asking!'
Pretty fitting price for crossing the town line! 
Nice to see Bailee Madison again as Young Snow! 
 Plot hole: Cora met Rumple after she met Henry, not before! Unless that was a lie on Cora's behalf!
'I don't care if they turn me green!' Very subtle foreshadowing...
Interesting new voice Rumple!
'You know the curse was broken was cos of me!' No Henry, it was Emma's love for you that broke it!
Haha! 'It appears when I bought that closed sign I was just throwing my money away!'
OK...didn't take the bad news very well!
OK...pretty weird...
Nice to see you again Jefferson!
At least Granny's prepared for the worst!
OK, that was pretty badass!
Looks like she's always one step ahead!
I don't think giant cupcakes are going to solve the fact you're crazy & everyone fears you Regina!
HAHA! Love him in the mirror!
Thank God that speech worked!
So this is how their off frenemy-ship began!
At least she's taking steps to redeem herself!
Seems it'll be interesting to know why he wants to leave so badly (maybe to find Baelfire...?)
Haha! Like grandfather, like grandson!
OK...a bit unecessary!
Interesting Lost reference with the pit!
Don't trust her Emma!