Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Forget Me Not

Instead of repeating myself saying 'this episode follows directly after' whatever episode since this is the same for all the episodes in this season, I'll just go straight into the synopsis! Alice & the Knave go on a search for a forget me knot, which has the power for someone to see what happened in the very same spot in the past. However, in order to get it, they have to go to the Caterpillar, where they make a deal with him to reveal the location of it in exchange for bringing it to him otherwise the Knave would have his head chopped off. They discover it at the Grendel's house, were he kidnaps them & plans on cooking them, only to discover that he actually uses the forget me knot to look at himself in the past with his deceased wife, revealing that he stole it after her death & in exchange was horribly disfigured. After a Bandersnatch summoned by the Red Queen & Jafar attacks them, Alice manages to use her skills taught from Cyrus to defeat it & in gratitude, the Grendel lets them take the forget me knot. However, once they get to the place where the bottle was buried, they discover that the White Rabbit betrayed them & Will decides to burn the knot afterwards. And then the Grendel is killed by Jafar for no reason whatsoever after they trick him into thinking they can bring his wife back from the dead. Meanwhile, in the characters' past, we see the Knave in the Enchanted Forest when he was known as Will Scarlett, secretly double crossing Robin Hood & his Merry Men to steal a magical mirror along with gold in order to escape with his love Anastasia (who went on the be known as the Red Queen) to Wonderland.
Honestly, this episode actually surprised me! While the other 2 episodes have been pretty mediocre, this one wasn't all that bad. It was interesting to see Will's backstory with Robin Hood along with a glimpse of his relationship with Anastasia. I also loved the addition of Maleficent as she hadn't been seen or mentioned since season 2 & it felt rather nice to see Kristen van Bauer Straten reprise the role, even if it was just a voiceover! I also quite liked the Wonderland scenes, even if the visual effects are still pretty bad &. I even enjoyed the Grendel with his sad backstory with his wife dying & the story behind his disfigurement & it made it that much sadder when Jafar killed him as, well, all he wanted was his love back. Alice & Will were also enjoyable to watch & I also liked seeing more of the Caterpillar & his rather eccentric personality. I did have a few issues though, like the fact the Red Queen being Anastasia was pretty predictable, Robin Hood didn't get much screen time as I thought he would & I felt that they tried to cram in a bit too much into the episode. However, overall, I actually enjoyed this episode & that's actually saying a lot!
It feels so nice to have flashbacks in the Enchanted Forest!
Hi Robin Hood! Nice to see some characters from OUAT for once! 
So the Knave is Will Scarlett! Rather interesting!
*Sighs* Just when I thought the green screen couldn't get more distracting...
Rather interesting what the forget me knot does!
OK, eating in front of a famished prisoner isn't evil, that's just childish!
Didn't expect the Underland to look like that! Hey, at least the land itself isn't called Underland like Tim Burton's version!
Interesting that Maleficent is mentioned!
Who wants to bet the woman in bed is his beloved Anastasia?
Hmm! Rather nice design!
Rather funny that they suggest a Sarlacc to attack Alice & Will!
OK, that doesn't look very welcoming...
Woah! So that's the Grendel from Beowulf...
And he's gonna cook them?!
Actually surprised with how much I remember of Maleficent's castle from 1x02/1x22!
Didn't expect the forget me knot to look like that!
Wait a he has a tragic backstory!
At least someone can feel empathy for him!
So that's a Bandersnatch...not gonna lie, it does look creepy!
Well, at least Alice didn't have to use up a wish! Smart thinking!
Pretty big sacrifice considering what he did to get the knot!
Good of you Robin to let him go!
...I hate you Jafar!
OK...rather big action considering what they did to get it & the possible consequences!
Why am I not surprised that the Red Queen turned out to be Anastasia?
I have to say, I think I'll like them as a couple!

Trust Me

This episode follows directly after 1x01 as we see more of Alice & the Knave on their quest to save Cyrus as they look for the bottle he was trapped in. This leads them to the fairy Silvermist (the one Lucy Liu voices in the Tinker Bell movies!), but after it's discovered she has a complicated past with the Knave, she pretty much ditches them & leaves them to drown in the sea. However, thanks to contrivance, they ride a mock turtle to the Mimsy Meadow, where it turns out Alice's true intentions were to find out who she & the Knave were up against, in this case being Jafar. However, when they actually go to look for the bottle, they discover it's not where she & Cyrus buried it, leading her to believe that he has moved on from her & loses all hope. However, thanks to some magical paper he told her about in the past, she finally has proof that he's alive & is motivated to continue her quest. Meanwhile, we find out Cyrus is still trapped in Jafar's hideout where he & the Red Queen are negotiating a deal over Cyrus' bottle, only for it to be revealed that she had it all along & refuses to give it to Jafar. But in another twist, it turns out that the White Rabbit had witnessed Alice & Cyrus burying it & gave it to the Red Queen. In the past, we see more of Alice & Cyrus falling in love, where it turns out that he taught her her sword fighting skills & that they decided to bury it as proof that they won't move on from each other.
Honestly, I did find this a to be bit better than the Pilot, but as I just said, only by a bit. Again, the CGI is still pretty bad in comparison to Once Upon a Time, but thankfully it's not as distracting this time round. I'll say that there are a few nice scenes between Alice with both the Knave & Cyrus, ranging from rather funny to surprisingly heartwarming, which were pretty much the highlight for me in this episode along with the Knave's funny snarks at Alice. It was also nice to see a few other characters & locations in Wonderland, but only by a little & the visuals themselves looked mostly cheap (well, they are on a lower budget compared to it's mother show!) But, again, Naveen Andrews was too hammy for me as Jafar, the Red Queen annoyed me again & while not as bad as before, the dialogue is just cheesy (except for a few times where it's actually funny!) & it's still gonna take me a while to get into this. Honestly, this at most was just OK for me.
So this is the show's version of Agrabah...not what I was expecting if I can be honest!
Haha! 'Yes, we wouldn't want you to overcook water!' 
Why am I not surprised Cyrus is his genie?
Hmm! Nice outfit!
HAHA! '...the Mimsy Meadows under the towering Tum Tum Tree. It's a place where nobody goes.' 'With a name like that, why would they? Unless they were a Care Bear.' 'What's a Care Bear?'
So Tweedledum & Tweedledee are men wearing white wigs & David Bowie make-up...
What the hell is she wearing?! 
Ah, they're doing the 'clap if you believe in fairies' thing!

So that's Silvermist...
What is Dr Sleevemore from That's So Raven doing in this...?
There are 4 rules including not changing the past? Interesting considering Zelena's plan in season 3! 
Could the green screen be any obvious?
Rather nice first date!
Interesting magical paper!
Wait, she's riding a giant turtle?!
I will say this sword fighting scene is pretty good!
Hi again Silvermist! And I wonder who this 'Anastasia' is...
Rather pretty meadow!
Could those cockroaches be any more blatantly CG?!
'The one thing you can count on in Wonderland is you can't count on anyone.'...rather interesting tactic!
Those do look pretty cool!
A 'dandelion'? Well, it is Wonderland after all!
OK...that's gotta hurt!
So she has the bottle...and now she calls people 'darling?' Please don't tell me they're now ripping off Rumple calling people 'dearie'!
Wait, the White Rabbit gave it to her?!
Nice to actually see them bury the bottle! 
Actually pretty sad her own father replaced her!
Haha! 'What the bloody hell is that?'
OK, I'll say that the love letter is a very heartwarming moment!
So that's Jafar's lair...