Friday, 21 November 2014

Good Morning Storybrooke

Just for a bit of fun, I decided to review this 12 minute special from the season 2 DVD written by Jane Espenson! Obviously, it's a parody of Good Morning America (which I have never seen since I'm British) with Goldie Locksley (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) & hosting it along Hart Archer with Boyd Scaremonger from The Boy Who Cried Wolf  doing Wolf Watch (played by Jane's writing partner for the series Husbands, Brad Bell) We also see the return of Astrid (still as annoying & stupid as ever) & the official break up between her & Leroy, Dr Whale giving terrible romantic advice for Jill from Jack & Jill, one of the pigs from the Three Little Pigs now turned human, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (obviously before 3x06 & 3x10 so it's not canon), Belle giving her views on Western literature despite only reading half of each book & therefore not knowing spoilers everyone else knows & Boyd being killed during Wolf Watch!
Like I mentioned before, the fact that this entire 12 minute special is intentionally cheesy makes this so hilarious to watch! It feels kinda refreshing considering the serious tone of the show to see something a bit more lighthearted (not like something like Dreamy). Yvette Nicole Brown as Goldie Locksley was fun to watch & it'd be funny if she joined the show (which she could since Ursula coming into 4B has now been recast), but even as a one-off, she was still hilarious to watch! As for the advertisements, they are both so hilarious! Ruby's with the intentionally bad acting making me laugh along with the cruddy quality along with starting the avocado meme. As for Gold's ad for his shop, I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. I don't know whether it's the intentionally cheesy yet threatening lines or the fact Robert makes him sound like a used car salesman throughout in his narration, but the fact there was an ad for his shop in the first place is just so funny (along with the fact he unintentionally took a selfie when taking a photo of the shop window) Dr Whale's Bedside Manner was so so funny with all the bad dating advice even if it's clear it's not canon with Eric's case & yeah, seems Gold has been following the living a life out of lies advice recently! As for Belle's views on books that she's only read half of, I loved seeing her & the fact she was clueless about the endings & being annoyed at being given spoilers was just so funny! Sad she was interrupted, but still really enjoyed seeing a character from the main cast in this (besides Gold narrating his commercial)! This was so funny to watch & I highly recommend watching it if you haven't yet already!
*Sighs* So nice to see Belle!
Haha! Nice puns on their names!
I wish he came into the show...I like him!
'You won the contest?' 'Well, I did enter 611 times!' OK, that was pretty funny! 
I don't feel sorry for you Astrid! You had the perfect opportunity to be with him & you ruined it with a pathetic excuse!
HAHA! 'Pretty scary. I think Boyd's gonna die out there!'
GOD, you're a terrible actor Ruby! HAHAHA! 'Sometimes we have avocados. Ask if we have avocados!'
HAHAHA! 'SOMETHING JUST MOVED!' 'Boyd?' 'No, it was just the breeze!'
HAHAHAHA! 'It's time for bedside manner, where the MD stands for 'Mmm, darling!'
HAHAHA! 'Ah, Jill, you are in what we call the friendzone and you need a game changer so, I'd head down to Mr Gold's shop and take out a nice little gift, a pretty little box or something, and have Mr Gold rip our your heart & put it in said box. Give the box to Jack. It's called a Living Valentine! Trust me. He will notice you!'
'My advice is don't tell her! If she asks who you were, uh lie, say you were a knight. If you lived in a house out of straw, you can live a life out of lies!' Worst. Dating advice. Ever.
'My advice is throw her back. If you're a leg man, she's not the one for you. It might seem cruel, but she'll find someone else. There's plenty of lonely guys out there looking for a nice piece of tail.' Definitely not canon since Ariel & Eric got together after the first curse!
HAHAHAHA! 'Have you been inside since you remembered who you are? You might be surprised to discover I have your life! From the glinting baubles hanging over your crib as a babe, to the terrifying people puppets that your parents were transformed into.'
Not so sure free parking is gonna make people wanna come, Gold!
HAHAHAHA! 'Here you will find every sword you've ever drawn, the mummifed bodies of every frog you ever kissed! If you lived it, I have it! And be sure to ask about my specials on poisons & curses! If you don't buy them, your neighbours might! And is that really a chance you want to take?'
Haha! 'I think she's on track for a happy ending!' 'Haha! 'On track!' right, cos she throws herself in front of a train.' *death stare* 'You didn't know!'
'Young love never fails!' 'It can. Because of poison! They die, girl! do know it's explicitly said at the beginning they die Belle?
HAHA! 'Well, The Bell Jar!' 'Don't even ask!' 'Ethan Frome. They go sledding!' 'Sledding accident?' 'Sledding accident?' Love her face at the last one! Oh yeah & LOVING her hair!
OK, I'm not even gonna go into what happens in the end of Of Mice & Men...
RIP Boyd...
'We'll have to check back in the next hour after that new apple turnover recipe from the mayor!' DON'T IT'LL KILL YOU!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Smash the Mirror

Just to warn in advance, this review shall be very long this time round! In this 2 hour long episode (no, not as in 4x08 followed by 4x09 like the 2 hour season 3 finale), after the events of the last episode, Emma wants to find a way to get rid of her powers with Rumple's help as they continue to get out of control after accidentally hurting Henry. He tells her about a (fake) spell & to meet at the mansion where he & Belle had their honeymoon & it's revealed he really wants to put her in the hat. However, after Emma tells her parents about it without mentioning the method, Hook is concerned about Rumple's plan & tries to tell her the truth about everything in a phone message, which ends up magically wiped off by Rumple as he gets there & it's finally revealed Ingrid told Rumple what he needs to get what he wants is the heart of someone who knew him before he was the Dark One AKA Hook! And after a talk with Rumple if she should open the door where the hat is, she ultimately decides not to as Elsa tells her to embrace her powers, which they both do, while ruining Rumple's plan, inadvertently puts Ingrid's back on track despite temporarily being immbolized by him thanks to the dust from the urn & ends up magically putting the yellow ribbons on Emma & Elsa which magically binds the three of them together. O yeah, and Operation mongoose is back on track as Robin & Will decide to help & discover a brand new page  with Robin &R egina getting together when they should have met which would've been when she ran away from him in 3x03. This gives Regina hope again (along with owing Mary Margaret a quarter after a pep talk with her) despite still searching for the author In the past, we get to see what happened between Anna, Elsa & Ingrid as she tries to pit the two sisters against each other to no avail, and as the sisters plan on putting her back in the urn that she had hidden, she captures Anna in her jail cell & casts the spell of Shattered Sight on her, bringing the worst out of her. Of course, Elsa sees through it but is forced to choose between hurting Anna or being put in the urn, ultimately choosing the urn willingly as she'd never hurt her sister & loves her no matter what. This leads to Ingrid's turn into the dark side as she casts an eternal winter in Arendelle & ultimately makes a deal with Rumple with the urn in exchange for the hat, telling her to say his name 3 times to summon him as he can see through her lies that she doesn't have it. However, after a meeting with the Apprentice to discuss a deal with the Sorcerer, just as she's about to say Rumple's name for the third time, the Apprentice appears & tells her that she can have the family of 3 sisters she's always wanted, but one of them isn't born yet & he shows her a prophecy about it, ending with her going through a portal to our world in 1982 in exchange for giving him the hat back. Oh yeah, and Ingrid finally casts the Shattered Sight curse in Storybrooke, planning to turn everyone against each other, including Rumple despite his plans to be free from the dagger's power while retaining his magic.
Initially I was wary when they announced this would be a 2 hour episode due to the pacing as I thought the synopsis would fit a regular 42 minute episode, but seeing the final product I can understand why they went this route! It was so nice to finally see how & why Elsa ended up in the urn & Rumple's vault as it was revealed that Ingrid had never intended for it to happen & she made a deal with Rumple over it only to go back on it to accept a new deal from the Sorcerer. It felt kinda nice to see them 2 plots merge together seeing the Apprentice's role along with how Ingrid ended up in our world & why she became evil, with Elizabeth Mitchell's performance being stellar as always & I loved the cleverness of the shattered sight spell & seeing how strong Anna & Elsa's love is for them to try & put her in the urn & for Elsa to willingly go in the urn despite seeing through Ingrid's lies. The Storybrooke scenes were also pretty good as we see Operation Mongoose progress now that Robin & Will are helping & that they've discovered a twist in it all which makes Regina feel better about it. Oh yeah, and I still wonder how they got away with that scene with them at the start, pretty steamy! Anyway, I also surprisingly loved seeing Mary Margaret & Regina bonding over not only embracing magic & making them unique, but also over sleeping with married men & finding hope & the fact neither are fully good or evil! It just felt nice seeing them talk to each other properly (and for Regina to call out how stupid they both were for just letting Emma get rid of her powers) And of course, I loved Emma's character development as she ultimately decides not to get rid of her powers despite the nasty consequences & I loved her interactions with Gold & Elsa despite the former lying to her, also keeping the integrety of Frozen with the message that while you have family that love you, you also have to love & accept yourself (in a non egotistical way) to become a better person. As for Rumple's role...why the hell must he be irredeemable now & claim every good thing he's done is to conceal his true power obsessed self?! Yeah, in case you haven't noticed judging every other review, I really want it all to blow up in his smug face & for Belle (who unfortunately isn't in this 2 hour episode at all for no fathomable reason) to whip him into shape even if I loved when he ripped Hook's heart out & deleted his message to Emma! Well, at least he was honest that everything he's done has been wrong & that he's a selfish man instead of trying to justify his actions like other villains would so at least he's aware of it & right now I'm just gonna sit back & see him be his awesome bastard self again like I have since season 1! Despite the long running time, the pacing was pretty good & surprisingly fast as the Storybrooke & flashback scenes were done equally yet despite them taking place in a day, they weren't slow thanks to the dialogue/action heavy scenes & they were kinda fun. Also, it's gonna feel refreshing in the next episodes for the flashbacks not to be Frozen heavy as, while I really enjoy the characters, the original film & the story they came up with for this half, I feel like they overshadow the other characters & their plots a bit too much. Still, at least it's not like season 2 when plots carried over from season 1 were completely ignored, the tone in season 4 is much more fun, the new characters are much more interesting & the character development is still pretty solid from the ones we know & love. Anyway, despite being 2 hours I loved this episode for the great writing, character development from the ones we know & love, very solid acting from everyone, fun flashbacks & great plot progression!

OK, why is she burying the hat?!
Nice to see you again Apprentice!
Can't help but feel sorry for both of them!
OK, this is pretty steamy...kinda surprised they got away with it! 
Haha! Love Elsa making everything be chocolate covered for Anna! Well, it is one thing they both have in common!
Bit creepy...
I rather like seeing Emma & Rumple interacting...even if the spell is a load of bullshit! 
AWW! Nice to see Elsa not believing Ingrid's lies!
Aww, sweet she got the necklace back!
OK, surely even she must notice not all of her shirt is buttoned up! Not the best hiding what she's really been up to...then again more subtle than Mary Margaret's plunging necklines in season 1
Aww! Love Mary Margaret apologising!
Nice to see Kristoff helping them with their secret mission!
Aww, love the sisterly love between them after everything that happened in the movie!
Bit scary she still has his frozen corpse...HAHA! 'Well, it is the one good thing she's done since coming out of that urn!
Nice that they took the deleted scene from 4x03 from the barn explaining the dust from the urn neutralising magic! And I knew Rumple would betray her, the smart imp!
HAHAHA! Love Will putting all his booze in his coffee!
Love seeing Will & Robin interact!
Why is it that they now use screencaps from previous episodes when no one had a camera & try to pass them off as photos?
At least Elsa is smart enough to not let Emma get rid of her powers!
AWW! Love seeing them bond!
Part of me was expecting Belle to eavesdrop on his message in his scene...
Nice parallel with the Pilot!
HAHA! 'And when she comes down here I'll surprise her with the urn! Not like party 'SURPRISE!' but something more dower to match the occasion like (in a deep & threatening voice) 'Surprise...'
Love how Ingrid talks to Emma like a strict mother telling their child to go to their room when trying to get her to not go to the mansion!
About time someone told them it was a stupid idea to just let Emma get rid of her powers! HAHA! 'We're not talking about an old pair of Jimmy Choos here...This could be the worst idea you've ever had! And you hired the Wicked Witch as your nanny!'
Very nice reference to the Snow Queen fairytale!
Honestly, I didn't think we'd see the mansion again! Now all I want to know is who it belonged to & how the hat ended up there if the Apprentice got it back (my money's on the Sorcerer himself)! 
Nice to see Mary Margaret & Regina bonding over the fact they've slept with married men!
HAHAHAHAHA! 'The Cat in the Hat. Why would a cat want a hat?'
I'd be lying I didn't say this looked kinda badass!
OH GOD...!
'I'm a man who makes wrong decisions. Selfish decisions.' 'You spent all your time looking for Neal, you sacrificed yourself to save the town. You married Belle!' 'And each time I meticulously undid all the good. Neal is still gone. The town is still in danger. And Belle, for better or worse, she knows who I am. And that's a man who always chooses power.' 'She believes you can change.' 'And I love her for that. But I fear she's quite likely wrong.' You know, she probably would believe that if you weren't putting on a facade that you have changed for her! TELL HER THE WHOLE TRUTH IF YOU WANT YOUR MARRIAGE TO WORK!
Gold, you loveable bastard! 
'Do what you will, Anna. But know that no matter what, I love you!' Love how strong their bond is that she knows Ingrid cast the spell on her!
I guess this is when she decided to go to the dark side!
Wait, if they've both embraced their powers, doesn't that mean Ingrid's plan is gonna work?!
OK, this bit was pretty satisfying to watch for me even if it's a bit obvious he's not gonna kill Hook after he does all of his petty work!
So that's how Elsa doesn't remember any of it...
'An urn for a hat. As simple as that! And just to make it easy for when you 'find' the object of my desire, just say say my name 3 times & I'll come right to you! What, is he Beetlejuice now?
OK...seems he's now keeping more secrets now (not to his own accord) despite ironically wanting to tell Emma everything!
Hmm, very interesting! PLEASE let there be a 'What if' type episode that shows what would've happened if that was in the book!
So this is how she got to our world...!
TRON REFERENCE!!! Fun fact, Adam & Eddy wrote Tron: Legacy & helped with the animated series Tron: Uprising!
OK, this bit was a little cheesy...
Oh God...I KNEW IT!
Well, the episode is called Smash The Mirror after all...!