Monday, 15 September 2014

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Promotional Posters/Banners



Just wanted to quickly say I'm genuinely surprised with how good the advertising season 4 has been so far & the detail on the snow & ice along with the white & blue colour scheme is just beautiful! I'll also be posting the cast promotional photos as soon as they come out!

Monday, 8 September 2014


I thought I may as well also do an updated review of this episode since we're still waiting for season 4 to come! I see no point in recapping since this episode has been out for a while, but rewatching it, it definitely has it's good & bad points. I enjoyed the flashbacks with seeing more of Belle & Rumple playing off against each other & what lead Belle to see there's more to him than she initially thought. Even seeing Robin Hood was kinda nice, but in a way, it disappointed me after all the hype put on him in the advertising only for him to appear in a couple of scenes for at most 2 minutes. Well, at least as of season 3 he's a much stronger character & that this wouldn't be the last time we saw him (despite being played by a different actor)! The main issues I have are the scenes with Emma & her parents & Greg & Tamara. In fact, almost all the Storybrooke scenes felt flat! They really felt shoehorned in because there are way too many plots to count & it feels like the writers have no clue which one to focus on as none of them really connect together in any way. Also, the Lacey plot was all entirely pointless since 1) we knew Belle would eventually get her memories back, 2) I felt it would've been better to have memory lost Belle & Gold slowly get to know each other (obviously they couldn't put any creative thought into it thanks to the stupid Home Office plot & the Charmings/Regina conflict taking over everything) & 3) it was just there so Gold had a reason to be a jerk to everyone again! I will give Lacey credit though that she does show more acting range for Emilie & it was kinda nice to see more of Gold after him being sidelined for a couple of episodes. Although I like it as a Rumbelle shipper, I can't really say the same in general for OUAT. At most, it's just meh. The flashbacks were pretty good seeing a bit more of the development of the relationship between Belle & Rumple, but there was WAY too much going on in the Storybrooke scenes & they mostly fall flat!
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Nice way to start off!
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Uh, what's going on?! 
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AH, it's a dream!
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HAHA! 'You're Henry's grandfather?' 'Guess that makes us family. He's got my eyes don't you think?'
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AWWW!!! And about bloody time she was out of the hospital!
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Poor Belle!
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Hi Gary from Miranda! Too bad Sean Maguire replaces you from season 3 onwards!
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Nice to see you again Anton!
Nice to see you again Severe Nurse! 
Sorry, I just find it funny how out of place Gold looks in the bar! 
What the hell has Regina done?!
Good on Belle for setting him free!
Wait, when did she become mayor again? 
Yeah, I don't think you should get more dating advice from David!
Gotta love Belle for standing up to him & not taking any of his shit!
Wait, who's he?!
'Don Juan was nothing before he made his deal with me!' Am I the only one who wants to see what happened? 
Wait, what IS Emma planning?  
Pretty awkward date...and pretty sad for Gold to find out how everyone else sees him!
Is it weird I find it sweet they're sharing a blanket? 
AH! So that guy from the bar is the misogynistic Sheriff of Nottingham!
Poor Belle when he says he wants a night with her in exchange for the info!
Poor Gold! :(
So this is Marian! Not gonna lie, I never thought we'd never see her again until the season 3 finale!
Aww, bless him!
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Wait, I thought she said he wasn't her type earlier...
Interesting way of tracking where people have been...
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Yeah, I don't blame him for doing that after everything that's happened! 
OH MY GOD HE'S GIVING HER THE LIBRARY! (as of 3x15 he BUILT it for her!)
'You're not who I thought you were. And I'm glad.' AWWW!!!!
Bit weird Lacey's turned on by Gold beating a man to death!
Ugh, I forgot about you two! Just leave so we can get this stupid plot over with!
HUH?! Well, about time we saw him after 4 episodes of him being stuck in a closet in New York!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Promo 2!

Aired during The Story of Frozen special on ABC, this one is kind of the same as the other promo recently released, but has some brand new footage from 4x01, including Emma & Hook talking about the situation going on with Elsa, more from the flashbacks including a glimpse of Kristoff & Sven, Elsa in Storybrooke causing havoc & about 2 seconds of Belle & Rumple dancing the classic Beauty and the Beast dance in the exact same costumes as the movie (Yeah, pretty obvious which scene from this promo I'm most excited for in 4x01!). Anyway, I can't wait more than ever for season 4 to come out & I still can't believe we have to wait for about 3 1/2 weeks to come out!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Promo

I am excited more than ever for season 4 after this promo! Now that we're in the same month that it'll air, it's about time we get something other than story info, set photos or new character announcements! The effects, while still obvious, look pretty good & I loved seeing the characters in their fairy tale attire (other than Emma obviously, clad in her iconic red jacket & curled blonde hair). I even enjoyed Regina & Emma snarking about Elsa & the fact they're gonna have to fight yet another fairy tale character causing havoc in Storybrooke. Yes, I am disappointed Belle & Henry weren't in it, but I still thought it was a really good promo nonetheless & like I said, I can't wait for season 4 to come!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Lady of the Lake

I know, I already put it on the worst list in my Top 5 Best & Worst OUAT S2 Episodes list, but I may as well explain why! It was mostly because of the pointless & boring Snowing flashbacks (which would unfortunately become a thing after this for them), the dull writing & acting, wasting a good character (Lancelot in this one) with lots of potential by killing him off after one episode (which would also become somewhat of a running gag in season 2) & the plot holes with the barren curse which was also entirely unecessary as we knew Snow would have Emma ever since the Pilot! I mean, since it was a curse, it could've been saved with True Love's Kiss which breaks ANY curse rather than having Ruth sacrifice herself so Snow could have children again! I get that it relates to the themes of the love of a mother & parallels with Mary Margaret & Emma, but the flashbacks should also have a point to them & progress the plot, & these ones don't! Anyway, the CGI is also a noticeable downgrade with the obviously fake ogre along with the bad green screen of the castle & overall, I just don't really care about this episode. There are a few good things like the scene with Emma & Mary Margaret at the nursery was well done with the acting from Jennifer & Ginnifer & the private & intimate wedding between Snow & Charming was also cute!
OK...pretty cool fight scene! 
So Lancelot is now disgraced from the Round Table...
Seriously Emma?! Could you be any stupider mentioning Henry to Regina's mother?!
Aww! Nice to see them reunite! 
Haha! Love Emma's reaction to the food in the Enchanted Forest!
Nice to see you again King George...
'You poisoned her.' 'I cursed her!' Thank you Captain Obvious!
Love Mulan's reaction to a gun!
Hi again Jefferson! And Henry, stop butting in on situations which have nothing to do with you!
Wanna say this is Regina's only scene in this & her being asked to leave is never mentioned again!
Oh God... 
Bit crazy Aurora!
Haha! 'Ogres...?' 'RUN!!!'
Could that look any more fake?!
So Lancelot was disgraced because of a woman...I wanna see that if OUAT ever go to Camelot!
Haha! 'What kind of corset is this?'
Kinda sad that the curse damaged the castle that much!
Looks like that was the consequence for Charming killing the Siren!
Henry, stop being stupid & putting your life at risk! 
OK, I will say that this bit is well done!

Aww! Sweet wedding!
Poor Charming losing is mother. :'(
At least Mary Margaret is smart enough to figure out that he's really Cora!
I'm sorry, but I can't stand the bad green screen here!
Haha! 'We're going to have a child!' 'Is there something I need to know?'
AWW! 'I'm not used to someone putting me first.' 'Well get used to it!'
Aww! Can't help but feel sorry for Mary Margaret!
I wonder what she's planning on doing with that sparkly dust...
AWW! So sweet to see them finally reunite!
Aww! Nice to see them bonding!
I wonder what he's planning...